Get a Bottle. Find a Machine. Enjoy Great Tasting Water for Less. It’s That Simple.

Glacier Water owns and operates Water and Ice vending machines all across North America.

We partner with local businesses, bringing our modern, high-end equipment into (or outside of) a variety of stores in thousands of neighborhoods.

Our water machines provide people everywhere with great tasting water that you refill yourself. For doing just a little work, you can save a lot of money.

And now we also provide ice, with machines that handle production and bagging right in the store. No more thawing and refreezing as ice is transported from a production facility far away.

And since we regularly monitor and service our equipment, you can always feel good about Glacier Water’s products.

You can also feel good that, by refilling your own bottle with Glacier Water, or buying Ice from one of our self-bagging machines, you’re helping to keep plastic waste out of landfills, and taking delivery trucks off the road. Our water and ice machines are close to your home. Just imagine how much fuel is saved by having water filtered and ice made right down the street instead of hundreds of miles away!

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